Dubble (friend)date

After babysitting (which went really well!) I met up with Karin, her cousin David and another swedish girl named Jennie in Neukölln. We grabbed a cup of coffee (or fika as we say in Sweden), and later on we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.


If you are from Sweden and you’re new here in Berlin and don’t know anyone I can really recommend the Facebook group Svenskar I Berlin. And I’m sure that there is similar groups in other cities as well! I’ve really met some amazing people through that group, and I also found my apartment that way.

Bad internet connection and an amazing weekend

This weekend has been great! And since I haven’t been at home that much (and because the internet at home is quit bad) I haven’t had the chance to update the blog. Sorry!

Thursday and Friday, I spent a couple of hours at the office and got som training for my job. And on friday evening I met up with some swedish girls that I found on Facebook. We hade a really fun night and I immediately got good contact with on of the girls, Karin, who you’ll definitely see more of in this blog.


On saturday I slept for most of the day and later that evening I met up with Karin, bought potato chips, candy, soda and went to her place to watch a movie.

Yesterday I woke up at Karins place and we spent the day at some different fleamarkets with her cousin and we had a lovely dinner at a vegan place in Fredrichshain. I also went on an interview for a babysitter job and right now I’m off to the family to take care of the daughter! After that Karin and I are going to die deutSCHule to get some papers and fix some stuff.

die deutSCHule

Today I got up at 8.30, had breakfast with Kristoffer, tidied my room, met up with Alice and hung out with her for an hour, made my way to Neukölln and registered to a language school.

So on the 5th of October I will start learning German at die deutSCHule and I will have classes each Monday to Friday between 13.15-16.30 for 8 weeks. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, learn more German and also to get a regular schedule/daily routine. Because the latter is something that I’ve been missing during my 20 days here and I know that I will feel so much better with regular hours.

The only negative thing about this course is that it starts in 18 days, and I really don’t know what to do with all my free time until then. Hopefully I’ll get a job (I applied for another one today) and I’ve start to look at some voulenteer work as well. Hopefully I’ll get something to do – otherwise I will get insane and maybe even die of boredom. 


I starter the day with a FaceTime-date with Lisa and Jessica and it was so nice to see and talk to them at the same time. It almost felt like we were haning out in the same room and I already miss them so much.

After the date I headed to Fredrichschain and hade brunch with Ryan (the guy who’s room I stayed at in Neukölln). It was so nice and I think that I’ve found a new favorite cafe.

Then I went to IKEA to buy some stuff cause today I FINALLY moved in to my new apartment! So now I live in Moabit in an apartment together with Kristoffer and it feels so good to have a place that I can call home.

I will show you my room tomorrow.


How the night turned out 

The night started out with a Skypesession with Jessica. Then I made my way to the cinema and met up Kristoffer and his friends to see Straight Outta Compton. Afterwards on my way back to my apartment the French guys kept me company over the phone. So I almost managed to do it all. Hooray!

Now I’m going to sleep because I have a lot to do tomorrow. Gute Nacht!

Decisions decisions

I really don’t know what to do tonight. The only thing I do know is that I don’t want to be home alone. I need to meet and to talk people, at the same time as I should take it easy and rest both my health (since I’ve spend the last theee days home with a bad cold) and my knee (that I injured this weekend).

So right now it looks like I have three options:

1. Stay home alone, take it easy and maybe talk to some friends over Skype.
2. Go out for a beer and then go to the cinema and watch Straight Outta Compton with Kristoffer and his friend
3. Meet up with the french guys that I hung out with this friday at the same (amazing) bar and dance all night.

I’ll tell you later tonight (or tomorrow) how my night turned out. Cause right now I have no idea.



Woke up at nine, took a quick shower, walked to the S-bahn, went to Ostkreuz, got a very exciting phone call, met up witch Charlotta, had an amazing breakfast at Haferkater and now I just got back to the apartment.

But let’s go back to the exciting phone call for just one minute. Yesterday I applied for a job and today I got called to an interview next week. So now I’m really exited for next week. Not only because of the job interview, but mainly because on Monday I’ll move in to my new place! Hooray!