Bad internet connection and an amazing weekend

This weekend has been great! And since I haven’t been at home that much (and because the internet at home is quit bad) I haven’t had the chance to update the blog. Sorry!

Thursday and Friday, I spent a couple of hours at the office and got som training for my job. And on friday evening I met up with some swedish girls that I found on Facebook. We hade a really fun night and I immediately got good contact with on of the girls, Karin, who you’ll definitely see more of in this blog.


On saturday I slept for most of the day and later that evening I met up with Karin, bought potato chips, candy, soda and went to her place to watch a movie.

Yesterday I woke up at Karins place and we spent the day at some different fleamarkets with her cousin and we had a lovely dinner at a vegan place in Fredrichshain. I also went on an interview for a babysitter job and right now I’m off to the family to take care of the daughter! After that Karin and I are going to die deutSCHule to get some papers and fix some stuff.