Decisions decisions

I really don’t know what to do tonight. The only thing I do know is that I don’t want to be home alone. I need to meet and to talk people, at the same time as I should take it easy and rest both my health (since I’ve spend the last theee days home with a bad cold) and my knee (that I injured this weekend).

So right now it looks like I have three options:

1. Stay home alone, take it easy and maybe talk to some friends over Skype.
2. Go out for a beer and then go to the cinema and watch Straight Outta Compton with Kristoffer and his friend
3. Meet up with the french guys that I hung out with this friday at the same (amazing) bar and dance all night.

I’ll tell you later tonight (or tomorrow) how my night turned out. Cause right now I have no idea.