Dubble (friend)date

After babysitting (which went really well!) I met up with Karin, her cousin David and another swedish girl named Jennie in Neukölln. We grabbed a cup of coffee (or fika as we say in Sweden), and later on we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.


If you are from Sweden and you’re new here in Berlin and don’t know anyone I can really recommend the Facebook group Svenskar I Berlin. And I’m sure that there is similar groups in other cities as well! I’ve really met some amazing people through that group, and I also found my apartment that way.


Woke up at nine, took a quick shower, walked to the S-bahn, went to Ostkreuz, got a very exciting phone call, met up witch Charlotta, had an amazing breakfast at Haferkater and now I just got back to the apartment.

But let’s go back to the exciting phone call for just one minute. Yesterday I applied for a job and today I got called to an interview next week. So now I’m really exited for next week. Not only because of the job interview, but mainly because on Monday I’ll move in to my new place! Hooray!