Weird things in Berlin

Yesterday at Charlottas birthday picking her friend Carlos asked all of us what the weirdest thing is that we’ve seen in Beelin.

And that really got me thinking. Since I’ve only been here for five days I haven’t witnessed that many weird things. But one of the biggest difference that I’ve already noticed between Berlin and any Swedish city that I’ve been to is the drug cultur. Here it’a all out in the open.

Just take my ride home last night for example. First I took the tram and there two guys offered me a joint and at the tube, five minutes later, I’m sitting right in front of a two guys dealing drugs/money.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to all the drugs that circulate around me in this town. But I will ask myself the same question (that Carlos asked yesterday) in a few weeks and see what my answer will be then. So stay tuned!