Friedrichshain, Kreutzberg and Second Hand

The day before yesterday (after signing the contract) I met up with Charlotta, Tilda (friend from Sweden), Kristoffer (my soon-to-be flatmate), Max (Charlottas boyfriend) and Karo (Charlottas friend) in Fredrichshain and went to a bar and took part in a musicquiz. And it was a really nice evening!

 I spent the night at Tildas hostel and yesterday the two of us walked around in Kreuzberg the whole day. In the evening I had three skypedates: one with Johanna, one with Ebba and one with Jacob. It was so nice to see and talk to them again, and I really really miss all of them so much.

Today I haven’t done much. I slept in, ate breakfast/lunch, watched some episodes of Friends and talked to Jacob over Skype while I put my make up on. Now I’m off to Alexanderplatz to have dinner with Charlotta and Tilda. I don’t know where the evening will end, but I’ll probably go home quite early.