French kissing

Okay, last night didn’t end up as I’d planned. Instead of going home early in the evening, I arrived home early this morning. But let’s take it from the beginning!

I met up with Tilda and Charlotta at Alexanderplatz around eight o’clock. We bought pizza and beer and went to Charlottas apartment to drink up. Later on we took the u-bahn to Fredrichschain and walked to f.u.c. bar. It’s a really cool bar with huge disco balls, rough decor, great mix of guest and cheap beer. And there was three dogs there as well which made me really happy. 

Around half past twelve I got a text message from a french number and it turned out to be one of the four musicians that Tilda and I saw preforming on the street this Thursday. He said that they were at a bar in Wedding with an open scen and they invited us to join them. So after hugging Charlotta goodbye, Tilda and I made our way to Wedding.   

The bar, Kiki Sol, is close to the Wedding station and so it was really easy for us to find it. And the bar was amazing as well. It felt like a home party with live music, a lot of cool people and quite rough decor. We had a great time and both Tilda and I are invited to visit the guys in there house in Bordeaux. And I would love to go there sometime during spring if things works out.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Mauerpark with Charlotta and Tilda, and hopefully Kristoffer will join us as well. I also have to find a open grocery store cause to buy some food and stuff, which is a real challenge here in Berlin since most of the stores are closed at Sundays. I promise to give you an update tomorrow.