Parks parks parks

Today Charlotta and I slept in and we left her apartment around one o’clock. We took the tram to Fredrichshain and met up with two of her friends from language school and had a Spanish picnic. After hours in the sun we went back to Alexanderplatz, had a confrontation with some sexist boys on the u-bahn (which I will tell you more about in another blog post), gathered my belongingsin her apartment  and draged them the whole way from Alexanderplatz to Volkspark Hasenheide in Neukölln to hang out with some of Charlottas Swedish friends before it was time for me to get to my new room.

Around eight I was standing outside the building door and Ryan (the guy whose room I’m renting) greater me from the balcony. He met me below the stairs and helped me up with my bags. After a quick apartment tour and we sat down out on the balcony and later on he followed me to the nearest (and cheapest) food store. Now I’m back in my room and completely alone in the apartment since Ryan took of and my flat mates are out somewhere. I’ve had a one hour conversation over Skype with my parents and I realise how much I miss them already and I can’t wait for them to come visit me.

Things I’ve learned in Berlin so far: Cash is Queen! Not all stores/cafes/restaurants takes card. And that the German word for rainbow is regenbogen

Glut Nacht! Süße Träume!